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Keep an eye open for a brand new custom made BMX rack called ramp world, won't be long now!

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Address: Unit B, Parc Ty Glas, Llanishen. CF14 5DU We are opposite LSP Llanishen Leisure centre, which has a skateboard park on the grass outside, and next to Jump.

There are BMX tracks at 2 spots in cardiff as well as a hole range of ramps and skateboard parks. BMX Dirt Tracks also (Pump Tracks)

Maindy BMX dirt track

The 4 man track has been rebuilt. It was an existing pump track together with a gate for Gate Training. Its got the -BMX Safety Gates System- to avoid entrapment as the gates drop. Their first straight has a 15' step up at the end , before the track drops back to normal world with a conventional pump track. includes some nice manuals and jumps.

The track consists of:

1) rollers,

2) doubles,

3) step ups and step downs

4) three large rollable berms.

5)It is best for all riders to wear protective equipment pads and hemets when using the while track.

it is FREE to use and is open from 9.00am to dusk. Please phone Maindy Centre for any more information or for coaching sessions. Do you want to help develop the track? We are looking for people to set up a user group to help develop the Maindy track and to raise sponsorship. If you are interested please contact the Centre.

Crown Way


CF14 3AJ

Tel: 029 2052 9230

Splott Park Dirt Track

Splott Park Dirt Track, a starter track, its behind the play centre within Splott Park.

Muirton Road


CF24 2FJ

Newport Velodrome racing

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