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Cardiff Cycling Downhill MTBs - The basics

Downhill racing is quite simply who is the fastest to get from the top of the hill to the bottom braking is kept to minimum and the corners come up at fantastically fast race. This means the riders are nearly always on the limit.

Downhill is a tremendous test of courage and the ability to control your machine the bikes are different to normal mountain bikes in that the geometry is specifically designed to go downhill with the seat lower than the bars

Racing is against the clock and the downhill challenges of full of jumps, berms, drop-offs and bumps the course will often drop between 300 and 600 m and can be 2 1/2 km long.

These drops are usually completed in anything from 2 to 5 minutes of speed mayhem.

Riders use a full face helmets and body armour to protect themselves. Suspension is at its maximum with 6 to 10 inches normal. Bike frames need to be really strong and light.

The chain has a single front sprocket and guides to make sure it stays on the cogs, brakes are big and powerful and the geometry is designed purely for straight line speed.

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Downhill Racing

Rachel Atherton of GT Factory Racing was the winner of the womens event at Rhyd-Y-Felin. Her time was over seven seconds faster than Manon Carpenter of Madison Saracen Downhill Team who she beat into second place.

Her brother Gee won the senior mens competition ahead of Joseph Smith (, Greg Williamson (Trek World Racing) was third.

Newport Velodrome racing

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