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Cycling Innovations

Sticky bottle. This is a great invention that is designed to make cycling easier. It is hub centre with a lot of clever electronics inside it. The main use is that you charge the hub up and when fitted to the bike it drives a motor in the hub to assist with cycling. The idea is that with this assist you can commute to work without getting too sweaty.

Sticky Bottle Derivation

The term sticky bottle comes from the team practice of one rider collecting bottles of drinks from the team car. The practice involves the drinks bottles being handed out to the rider from the car. The rider stows the bottles in elasticated pouches on his shirts which can number up to 4. As the last bottles is handed over it seems to 'stick' in the hands of the rider a little longer than normal as the rider gets a 'tow' then a push of from the service team car before delivering the drinks to his team mates on the ride.

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Sticky bottle

On top of that the electronics work in reverse, so if you are going downhill the stick bottle charges the hub back up. But it doesnŐt stop there, the dynamo capacity of the wheel can power you light or charge your smart phone. The sticky bottle likes smart phones and the connection between them is such that if the bike and hub are taken without you knowing it will track the position of the hub through the phones, GPS. Not that the thief will be riding the bike as the sticky bottle hub makes rotation impossible as it lock the hub up. Sticky bottle

Electric Bikes

Electric bikes have come along way in the past 5 years and Cardiff Cycling even has shops that specialise in electric bikes now.

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